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What and Who is Saluki Rainbow Network (SRN)?

As part of an area-wide plan to meet the needs of individuals, SRN programs begin at SIUC and reach out to the larger community. The programs offered consist of a wide variety of services in areas such as education, leadership development, creative arts, recreation, volunteerism and advocacy. 

The membership of SRN consists of anyone supportive of the notion that discrimination should not be based on or influenced by a person's sexual orientation, be it towards the same sex, opposite sex or both.

SRN does not discriminate on race, religion, sex, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, age, disability, or marital status. Actually, SRN doesn't discriminate, Period!


Our meetings, during regular Spring and Fall semesters, are held every Wednesday at 6:00pm. in the Thebes room, behind Blimpies, in the Student Center at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. If you are not able to attend on Wednesdays, we offer an alternative meeting time on Tuesdays at 8pm outside the SRN office on the third floor of the Student Center.


We have a group page on Facebook! It allows our members to post articles, pages, and other interesting objects for member review. It allows our officers and members to post event information and meeting minutes to keep all members on Facebook up-to-date! So, sign in and CHECK US OUT! 

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